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6 Must Follow Blogs for Online Retailers

Posted on 4th February '17 in Ecommerce - Comments

6 Must Follow Blogs for Online Retailers

Building a successful ecommerce store takes time, patience, and learning from the best. It means combing through the information overload found on the web, and discovering unique perspectives rooted in expertise, so you can uncover new strategies and approaches to bring your business to the top.

We’ve put together a list of blogs that every online retailers should follow to take their marketing and sales to the next level.


Get your brand and products in front of more people, and have the right systems in place to convert them to becoming loyal customers. Here’s our recommendations to launch your ecommerce store to greater success.

BigCommerce (@BigCommerce)

BigCommerce’s is the leading ecommerce platform for businesses, and their blog is filled with advice for merchants to grow their online store.

Their content is divided into four categories: ecommerce marketing, selling online, BigCommerce related news, and their customer success stories. Their marketing section offers insights on how to maximize each channel to get the greatest ROI, while their sales content gives you the lowdown on how to get your products into the hands of customers.

A couple great reads include their guide to writing product copy that converts (and you get some cool templates!) and how to use consumer data to drive greater conversions.

Think with Google (@ThinkwithGoogle)

Think with Google is the tech giant’s hub for the latest trends and research in digital media and marketing. They offer new, thought-provoking perspectives on the digital world, and where they see things going in the future.

Google should be seen as an authority figure in the marketing space: they’ve become ubiquitous in people’s daily lives, collecting vast amounts of data to drive their marketing and overall business strategy efforts. Their posts are short and simple with great takeaways for any marketer looking to try innovative ways to reach their audience.

Check out some of their neat tools, like the Customer Journey to Online Purchase to determine your consumers path to purchase, Shopping Insights to see how certain products are doing in the US, or Google Trends to gauge consumer behaviour.

PracticalEcommerce (@PracticalEcomm)

Practical Ecommerce is one of the leading go-to resources for small to medium sized ecommerce businesses. They cover a breadth of marketing and business strategy topics, such as SEO, PPC, conversion, social media, management, etc.

Contributors include merchants that share their own experiences of successes, failures, and what’s worked and not worked for them, covering complicated subjects that are broken down into easily digestible and actionable steps. For instance, unsure about keeping up to date with your SEO? They’ve put together a monthly task list to help you manage your SEO better. Or having trouble with writing copy for your PPC ads on Google or Facebook? PracticalEcommerce breaks down how to write irresistible ads.

Buffer (@buffer)

Buffer is a social media management platform that allows you to manage and queue content for all of your channels in one spot. Their blog has always been one of our favorites offering insights on development, social media and marketing, and productivity and culture.

While they offer great digital marketing content, we love reading Buffer for ways to improve productivity and build a great work culture. While there are so many great ecommerce resources out there, investing in yourself and your overall team is just as important as your business. As a remote-based company, they have a different approach to how they structure and run their team, and look at how being receptive helps with productivity.

Moz (@Moz)

Moz is well-known for their SEO and inbound marketing content. Although, they’re not strictly ecommerce focused, there are plenty of useful takeaways for improving your overall website and marketing performance.

Instead of covering a breadth of topics, Moz focuses on depth: they concentrate on SEO and how it impacts inbound traffic through industry expert insights. Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, regularly contributes to the blog with articles like which page markup and tags still matter for SEO and how to beat your competitor’s rankings.

Baremetrics (@Baremetrics)

Baremetrics is an analytics and insights platform for payment services. As a data-driven SaaS company, their blog focuses on helping ecommerce businesses “grow revenue, reduce churn, and get new customers” through marketing and sales-related topics.

Their in-depth articles are well-researched, with step-by-step guides and tools to immediately start implementing the concepts discussed. Need to share some big news with your customers? Check out their  7-day launch sequence for announcing anything. Or looking to revamp your marketing strategy with new ideas? Try out their system for scoring and prioritizing each new marketing idea.


How many of these blogs have you heard of or read? What resources do you swear by and recommend to others? Taking the time and making the effort to learn from other’s past experiences and applying insights from the experts will give you an edge in taking your online store to the next level.

Get actionable steps on how to monitor and enforce your MAP policy: