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6 Reasons to Choose Trade Vitality as Your MAP Monitoring Software

Posted on 22nd April '17 in MAP Monitoring - Comments

6 Reasons to Choose Trade Vitality

You’re well on your way to researching the wonderful world of MAP monitoring software and you’ve probably come across several different services. It can be overwhelming to figure out which one best meets your needs.

We’d like to make things a little easier for you. ;) We’ve put together a list of six reasons to choose Trade Vitality as your MAP monitoring team!

Reason #1: You Can Try It Before You Buy It

We’re here for you and want to get you started with proper MAP enforcement ASAP. However, it’s just as important that you find the right team and software. We’re customers ourselves, and when it comes to finding services to meet our business goals, we always look for companies that align with our values and approach. When there’s alignment and synergy between both sides, that’s when the magic happens.

In terms of MAP monitoring software, if it’s Trade Vitality; AWESOME. If it’s not, we understand. Our goal is to help your brand win against MAP violators, so you can maintain brand equity and protect seller profit margins. We want to make sure we’re bringing you closer to achieving you MAP policy objectives.

Before any brand becomes a client, we encourage prospects to:

Set up a 30-minute screen-share with our Customer Happiness team. In a one-on-one session, a team member walks you through our online dashboard and all of the bells and whistles we have to offer. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about our technology, service, and how it all fits into your brand’s MAP enforcement process. We highly recommend taking the full 30-minutes to learn about our dashboard, and if you need longer, we’ll stay on the phone with you as long as you need!

Reason #2: Our System is Designed for MAP Compliance Success

Finding MAP violators is about 25% of the battle, and there are many companies that offer that service alone. However, our system takes a process-focused approach to MAP enforcement, including features for notifying sellers and managing seller contact information. We view this as a key opportunity to open a dialog with sellers that you may have never met otherwise.

Our highly developed and tested approach identifies different variations of part numbers or SKUs along with their product descriptions. Many other companies rely on exact keywords, part numbers or SKUs provided by the brand. That’s all fine and good if everyone did everything exactly the same way, but they don’t. As soon as you get outside that keyword range or the listing doesn’t include the SKU (or the wrong one), the MAP violation won’t be identified. Unlike other services, Trade Vitality offers intelligent data discovery to ensure MAP violations don’t get easily missed, regardless of what customization the seller has implemented.

Reason #3: We Have Human Eyes Double Checking Your Data

Our online dashboard is built on a high-technology platform, so we can offer you the features that help automate the entire MAP monitoring process. Our software was built with the end-user in mind by a team of experts who understand the issues with manually enforcing MAP and the lack of good software to do so.

  • 24/7 monitoring across major third-party marketplaces

  • continuously growing database of seller contact information

  • rule-based notification system for automatically contacting violators

  • customized report generation

The fact remains that technology isn’t perfect and mistakes can happen. That’s why all of our data is also reviewed by human eyes to ensure its integrity. This is especially important to us because we know this information is not just going to you, it’s also being passed along to your sellers. The wrong information can damage relationships, so we want to make sure that we’re helping you turn your sellers into allies and not enemies. That’s the last thing you want to do!

Reason #4: We Have Very Competitive Pricing

Our pricing reflects the value that we offer, while keeping your budget and margins in mind. You’ll come across MAP monitoring companies that offer suspiciously cheap pricing. Be discerning with their deliverables and look for references. Our team wants to ensure we offer brands the highest level of technology and customer service at rates that make sense.

In contrast to the big players in the industry, we offer a premium service at an affordable rate. We like to play in the big leagues when it comes to technology, but our model emphasizes involvement with brands of all sizes. Everyone should have access to the tools they need to keep their MAP compliance in order.

Reason #5: Our Dashboard Is Simple & Easy To Use

As we mentioned, we built our dashboard with you in mind. It’s simple and intuitive. Anyone at any technology level can login and go. There’s minimal training required to start driving your MAP compliance rates higher. No one buys an iPhone because it’s hard to use. The tool should make your life easier, which is exactly what we set out to do.

Reason #6: Our Customer Service Is Tailored to You

From the moment you contact Trade Vitality, our Customer Happiness team is ready to serve you. We don’t like offering cookie cutter customer service; we want to know how you like to communicate, the best time of day to reach you, and when and where your next vacation is going to be. ;) Each individual has different needs and we are open to discussing how to best accommodate you. Whether it’s responding quickly by email or phone, guiding and training you through a new feature, or answering questions about how to improve your MAP enforcement process, we’re all ears and available to help! Our commitment to you is from our team, and you’ll feel it when you work with us.


Trade Vitality offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use online dashboard to find and notify MAP violators and manage your entire MAP enforcement process. If these six reasons aren’t enough, let us know what is!

  • Try before you buy

  • A system designed for MAP compliance success, not just one part of it

  • Human eyes reviewing all of the data, we don’t just use technology

  • High tech platform at affordable pricing

  • Easy to use, you can start and go

  • Customer service how you like it

If you have any questions about our map monitoring software, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Get actionable steps on how to monitor and enforce your MAP policy: