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Trade Vitality Does the Heavy Lifting for KFI

Posted on 18th July '16 in Customer Success - Comments

Trade Vitality Does the Heavy Lifting for KFI

“Trade Vitality has given [KFI] an easy-to-follow platform that enables us to see and track certain sellers and patterns of how sales are being abused online. That allows us to get those issues resolved a lot faster, which makes the rest of the sellers pleased to see that things are being followed through on.”

Braden Bentley, Logistics Coordinator, KFI Products

KFI had enough. It had been long, brutal months of manually identifying violators, individually contacting them, and following up with each one. Months of trying to get KFI’s MAP policy under control was more than enough to realize that there had to be a better way.

As a family owned and operated business that designs, engineers, manufactures and sells ATV/UTV accessories, KFI Products is continuing grow. Whether you prefer Voltaire or Spider Man, “great success comes with great responsibility.”

As online retailers continued to pop up, KFI was playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. As soon as they took care of one MAP violator, another one would pop up. KFI’s success translated into more time that the brand would need to spend on monitoring MAP compliance, and it was a game that they were losing.

As individuals, we can only do so much at one time, and keeping a MAP policy in check is not one of them. Manually monitoring wasn’t cutting it anymore for KFI products. If they wanted to keep maintaining profit margins and protecting their brand, making the switch to software was the only option.

While bigger-name competitors have more bells and whistles, KFI didn’t buy into the mystique of complex features and integration with software that they didn’t even use. They were aware of the challenges faced and what they needed to get the job done.

The team needed a system that was easy to use, universally accessible, and very efficient with information delivery. Enter: Trade Vitality.

We all want to have our cake and eat it too, so what was the icing on the cake for KFI? It was Trade Vitality’s focus on customer service and our innate desire to help them win the fight against the entities eroding KFI’s brand image.

Joe Hargett, Trade Vitality Client Happiness Lead, delivered the type of service that reaffirms his title. Joe was with the team every step of the way from day-one with a free trial, onboarding, dashboard training, and best practices along the way.

With Trade Vitality, KFI was spared from the drudgery of hunting down sellers on the web and became accustomed to having all the information they needed to know about their products and sellers on one screen.

One screen, that’s it.

They can “get in touch with violators right away [and] doesn’t have to look at emails.” If they find a violator while looking at the dashboard, they can instantly notify the seller without leaving the screen. “The time frame from finding violators to correcting violations is shortened quite a bit.”

Ease of use and efficient information delivery were one thing, but Trade Vitality's Automagic feature took things to the next level. Imagine never touching your email and still notifying each one of your sellers about each pricing violation. Yes, this is a reality and the time is now. We have the tools you need to stay ahead of your sellers and violators.

Whack-a-mole no more! KFI are seeing drastic results with solution-driven technology on their side.

In those months of manually monitoring and enforcing KFI’s MAP policy, it would take at least two weeks to find and contact all of their violators. In the Information Age, weeks are like years. The brand wasn’t doing themselves any favors by checking on pricing weeks after notifying a seller of a violation, but doing it all by hand left them no choice.

With KFI Products deciding to take a proactive mindset with protecting their brand, the same process now takes 1 to 2 days with Trade Vitality. The team has more time back in their day to help grow the business at KFI.

What’s another benefit of making the switch to MAP monitoring software? “[It’s] keeping everything the same for online retailers,” KFI noted, “whether a big store or a little family-owned company, the rules are being monitored the same way. That fact alone has helped increase business for us.

Trade Vitality has made it easier for us at KFI to not only see, but address many MAP violations at one time. This has led to great improvements from a business standpoint and has given us a great reputation in the industry.”

Get actionable steps on how to monitor and enforce your MAP policy: